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[ID: Two polaroids positioned on top of each other. The first illustrated polaroid is of me, making a peace sign, wearing a pink t-short and white headphones. The second illustrated polaroid is of me and Illumi from Hunter X Hunter going foraging in the woods. Drawn by my friend Lola. End ID.]thank u lola 4 tha awesome drawing. @zolaliz on twitter ! !

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a 3D animated gif of a venus flytrap with huge teeth and a human arm in its jaws. there's also a farmer's hat on the floor next to the cannibal plant. rip.

hello and welcome to my very messy e-bode.. please enjoy your stay.

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a break-dancing anthropomorphic kitty

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LOONA - rendezvous 18.6y
a gif of monarch butterfly flapping it's wings as it rests on a rock

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navigation gif of all the doodles people have sent me anonymously in a slideshow a fake ad featuring an anime girl figure with cat ears holding an assault rifle a pink kittycat