oh hey it's me...

hello i'm sabrin, or rin for short. i'm a twenty something year old compsci (and sociology) major in College.

i have been super nostalgic for the old internet, so after stumbling across the yesterweb directory i realized i could just make my own site! like this one! personal webpages like this feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the commercialized and uncustomizable social media platforms. my favorite part about having my own site is that i can redesign it and add new things to it whenever i feel like it... it makes me feel like a true Honest to God Creative

sabrin's favorites...

song yo gabba gabba by malik deGoots
movie frozen 2
food cheesecake
tv show hxh!
game omori and ValiDate
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if after coming across this website you think wow this guy is so cool, you can e-mail me. i love getting emails because they are a fun and Special way to communicate. i don't like how e-mail has been reduced to an exclusively work thing.. anyways. sabrin@cyberdude.com


every background image is from OMORI, but i found them all on voyager's site // hxh shrine background from cinni // fake ads from dokodemo's page // the css for my library page is from EGGRAMEN // the new!! gif thingy is from mp4sys // and i made my button with hekate's button maker // these blinkes are from this site and all gifs are from 99GIFSHOP // ♡

thats all thanks for stopping by... now go on... there's probably more stuff to click through...