mostly a journal tbh..

so... you want to look at my thoughts, huh? well.... okay

i think for now i'll be using this as a personal blog / journal where i talk about my day as a means to practice html and such. these will probably be boring (or probably not... guess you'll have to read them to find out. i don't make the rules)


god i love art. i love buying art. i'm broke as shit but i love deluding myself into thinking i'm a rich old lady patron of the arts. i went to the brighton bazaar today and had such a fun time looking at all the artists selling their work. i got a retromania poster, which i hope to go to next year. they have updates on when they host events like these on Instagram which i don't have anymore so.... i rely on my lovely friends to keep me updated on things like these now. i keep thinking everyone else stopped using Instagram when i did, so I'm always surprised when people ask me to follow theirs.... i really do Not want to go back to instagram but i might make a throwaway account just so i can get notifications for local events and stuff? if i don't figure out another way to be In The Know about these things... there has to be other ways...

i bought this beautiful little buglady print that i jumped on as soon as i saw it because it reminded me of my favorite jujutsu kaisen lady, yorozu ♡ from @mourningdoves (on instagram). i also got a cicada pin from the roving house and the beautiful 'sixties radnitzky' button from Marianne Radnitsky and a snake ring from a woman who's name i forgot to grab before i left and feel so bad about.... kicking myself for the rest of eternity over this.... im sorry snake ring lady i was too distracted talking to you that i forget to grab a business card to remember you by...

i had a great time today and i will Totally be coming to every one of these events now that I know they have them pretty often... the next one is in June i believe and i really want to get a couple t-shirts.

on another note i've been wanting to do yet another complete redesign of my website... i want a lighter theme that feels more 2007 web design with like fake ads and stuff... but keep the omori references on every page. i have some ideas i hope to get around to this summer. i'm off to binge the rest of succession now..... farewell

this will be a short blog post. i mostly just wanted to share this cool inosuke grafitti art i walked by on my way to work today. i wasn't too into KNY as a series but i recognized him and thought this was super cool. i love this alley they usually have new art painted on the walls every few weeks. it's nice to see what's new when i come into work.

this is the longest i've gone without updating my site in a while, i'm pretty sure. at least, it sure feels like it. I am so compeltely utterly burnt out. Checked out. mentally Done with the semeseter but i have a very difficult final coming up in 2 days and. have given up on studying for it. i've never had a burnout this bad before like..... wow i am just so done with school. i'll officially be Free! on friday night. then i'll be able to sleep for 3 days straight and then come back and start working on this site a little more. thinking of a complete redesign again. perhaps i should preserve all my old layouts somehow. finals week or my final week?! stay tuned...

i had originally meant to write this on my actual birthday, which was yesterday. happy birthday me!! i am The April Fool. since it's ramadan, i didn't really get to do any of the usual birthday celebrations (fasting makes me soo sleepy anyhow) so i'm just going to do a small birthday celebration with friends after eid ♡ yesterday i got my nails done at the salon because i hadn't been in a while.. i got red this time! i spent the rest of the day wandering around the grocery store Hungrily and then came home to watch tv and play omori with my friend ab ('▽^人) we finally finished the sunny route! i cried during the final battle & the final duet cutscene... it really is such a beautiful game.

well.. i messed up my sleep and meds schedule last night due to Important Gaming things which actually renders me completely useless for the day. sometimes i wish i had the Hyperactive part of adhd in me so at the very least i can get up and do stuff... however the ADD and the Fatigue demons r winning the battle of today. my brain feels foggy and extremely sleepy but i also am not Sleepy.. if that makes sense at all. this is unfortunate because i have two big assignments due in 2 days which is stressing my out a little bit... computer science is hard. (⇀‸↼‶) so i will spend today doing Absolutely nothing but rot in my bed and tomorrow i'll just have to grind extra hard...

personally i think it should be a crime that spring break only lasts a week. it all went by so fast! this week my friends from out of state and i got to spend a few days together over spring break and i had so much fun! we went to the aquarium and i made lots of sea creature friends, it was really nice. we also saw two museums and went to this super cute crafts place where we made hair clips and phone cases, and i really want to go back soon to make a rug because that looked really fun. i also had some of the tastiest ramen and the tastiest nigerian food i've ever had in my life. man i love good food. here is a slideshow of some photos i took during our trip!

1 / 10
penguings getting fed!
2 / 10
jellyfish are the coolest
3 / 10
what would you name this turtle?
4 / 10
a real life electric eel
5 / 10
stingray wearing a lettuce hat
6 / 10
a delicious scrumptious bowl of ramen
7 / 10
the isabella steward gardener museum garden
8 / 10
the car of venus by francois boucher
9 / 10
this place got robbed 30 years ago
10 / 10
mouth watering jollof rice and mixed meat dish

besides these adventures i'm also super close to finishing my third full playthrough of OMORI with my friend (we just entered blackspace, aaah!) and i am super excited to see how they will play out the ending. i love that game so much and it's so much fun sharing the OMORI experience with a friend too. i'm glad i got to make the most of my spring break, i totally wasn't expecting all this excitement! i am very much dreading the start of school again on monday... i have so much to work on. sunday will be crunch time... well. off i go!

jennette mccurdy?! at MY school?! it's more likely than you'd think. last Friday the one and only jennette mcCurdy came to my campus to talk about her book and i had no idea this event was happening until literally 2 hours before. i battled many demons and the will of gods in order to make it in time to see her and i'm so glad i did. i bought her book & audio cd as i was sitting there looking at her and watching her talk. it was surreal. jennette was sooo inspiring to me it was incredible to hear her talk ab her one woman show and her book and also her future plans! she's so funny and also.. maybe a little tooo relatable at times. i can't wait for my book to come to i can read it and maybe blog about it later. just wanted to document this highlight of not only my year, but my LIFE! i'll be thinking about this day forever... and if you're reading this. go buy I'm Glad My Mom Died by jennette mccurdy from your local bookstore i know you have one..

hello! i'm having a lot of fun learning how to animate images. although it's really really hard. anywho. its the last day of ~freedom~ before my semester starts tomorrow, and i am really nervous about my upcoming calculus and computer science classes.

i am not really a math person, and i added this computer science degree to my course load because i wanted a challenge (and i don't want to be poor!) ..・ヾ(。><)シ but i know i can do well! i know once i start classes tomorrow i will feel better.

this post is doubling as a movie review for puss in boots: the last wish. i saw this yesterday with my friend and we LOVED it. this was so surprisingly good i am comfortable calling it the most best Movie ever.

i've never seen the previous movies so i didn't really know what to expect. the first / intro song "fearless hero" is such a bop it's been stuck in head since i watched it. i loved everything about that movie it's hard to figure out where to start. i loved the villain of the movie, the Reaper wolf guy. and i love how he wasn't really a bad guy, just absolutely terrifying (nearly pissed myself whenever he showed up) (fun fact: my friend told me during the movie that in some cultures, people bury loved ones with coins atop their eyes and that sort of symbolizes death, hence the coins in wolfie's eyes. i just thought that was really cool). i've never seen a movie like this explore the fear of death, how to deal with these fears and still make sure to keep it light. making movies suitable for both children and adults is an incredible skill! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

i am officially a puss in boots Fan after watching this movie. kitty and puss are so much fun. i really enjoyed their dynamics and their adorable ending together. i'm not much of a romantic but who wouldn't awe at "one life spent with you is all that i could wish for" like come on now. (≧◡≦) ♡

i guess my one critique of the movie was that it would have been better if there were more songs. but that doesn't really carry much weight overall. i think with that intro song i was expecting more songs like a disney money. and it would have been so good. but despite all that i'd give this movie a 10/10. the animation was incredible, i love how choppy it looked (choppy isn't the right word, but whatever they did gave it a comic-book esque feel and i really loved it)

after seeing that masterpiece of a film, me and my friend went to a vegan thai food place nearby. i had fried dumplings, wontons (yum), and some tom yum gai soup. every time i try something new here to see what i like. i did not enjoy the soup as much but i think that's just because i don't like water based soup in general. i luv creamy soups. next time i'm in town i think i will try one of their noodle soups. they come in huge bowls, so i will definitely be taking home leftovers. (^人^)

that's all i have for today. hope you enjoyed my rambles.

i think i'm starting to get a hang of this website building thing? thank you to the internet for being my teacher... it is so late, my head hurts a little and i'm still not tired. i am to blame. once i figure out this whole coding thing and learn how to make stuff fully on my own i will probably have more puter-related things to say. but for my first post? entry... i will practice my list making skills.

that was a lie i won't be doing that yet. first i want to tell you about my day. i went to a bookstore!!!!! with my friend and even though i said i would only buy myself two books i could not control my impulses so i bought four. here is a list of the books i bought today:

  • folklorn by Angela Hur
  • thistlefoot by GennaRose Nethercott
  • cassandra at the wedding by Dorothy Baker
  • decline and fall by Evelyn Waugh (which uh... i am nervous about ngl)

so that's exciting! here's a picture i took when i got home from my trip. and also a picture of the egg sandwich i had too. it was so delicious. scrambled eggs. avocado. pesto. cheese. tomato. on english muffin. mmmmmm... getting hungry again just thinking about it.

image of the books i listed stacked on top of each other image of my yummy english muffin i had today

this is looking like a real blog already wow look at that.

until next time!