higuruma hiromi natal chart

Turns out Higuruma doesn't have an official birthday, so I spent the last three and a half hours looking through astrological charts from 1982 to come up with his Unofficially Official birthday. I am by no means an astrology expert, but I had an intense phase in high school and feel like I know enough to provide some decent enough justification for this. If I'm like, horrendously off on something here you can e-mail me about it or something. Anyways, I'm pretty confident going with May 7th 1982 at 12:27 AM ...

taurus sun

I was really indecisive about whether to give him a Scorpio or Taurus sun, but I think the Taurus sun was better for capturing his stubbornness and groundedness. A fixed sign was for sure the way to go. Thinking about when he said he will be going back to his "roots" and his immovable dedication to what he believes in (justice) felt fitting.

gemini mercury

Had to step back for a moment after I came up with this one and take a breather because damn! Chefs kiss! This placement especially paired with that Taurus sun makes him the most annoying motherfucker ever (I love him). I read a lot about how people who have this Gemini Mercury placement are extremely doubtful and very suspiciuos, and have a really hard time getting behind anything unless there's solid proof to convince him. I though this was perfect especially given how his domain expansion is built for this exactly! I also read that people with this placement are super smart, and this checks out given Higuruma is described as a genius.

scorpio moon

Since I figured a Taurus sun would be more fitting for him, I decided to give him a Scorpio moon placement instead. And I feel like I made the right choice. Scorpio moons are extremely perceptive, quick to notice changes in those around him. But what is most True in my opinion is how this characterization falls in line with how Higuruma puts his 100% into everything he applies himself to. I think his Scorpio moon and Gemini mercury combined are the Perfect justification for why he challenges himself by taking on the most impossible of legal cases. I also read about how in relationships, this placement expresses itself as being really into commitment, and also with a huge fear or betrayal. The issues regarding betrayal are huge in Higuruma's character, given the way he reacted when he was betrayed by the legal justice system after losing Oe's case. So, I think it would definitely make sense if these issues were also present when it comes to his interpersonal relationships.

aries venus

Just trust me. I'm right about this.

aquarius rising

Giving Higuruma an Aquarius rising was a requirement from the start, and was the initial building block for all this madness. I have a hard time believing that any other ascendant placement will put that much effort into creating such a Strange first impression on the next random person they meet (yes, I am talking about the bathtub spotlight stage set up). I thought of a Leo rising maybe, but a cardinal rising just didn't feel right for him. My first impressions of the guy were 1) what a weirdo and 2) he's so fucking cool. He's very concerned with what the world should look like and how things should be (thinking about how curious he was about how the Culling Game would play out and how it would change the world) and these things all fit into my understanding of Aquarius risings. It just works.