i've taken it upon myself to personally fund any and all mundane!au art... visualizing my delusions is Totally normal and healthy behavior (i promise) i'm still unsure about how i want to organize it so i'm just going to toss what i have so far in here, and organize it later. please click on each framed image to see the full sized illustration!

toji getting the hang of his new prosthetic by yafreecs

kenjaku being evil with his pet pigeon by acaiboll

yorozu's work ID photo by moddleoddIe

tojikuna moment by tojishole

kenjaku giving yorozu some Awful romance advice (to make sukuna's life more miserable) by o_ningiri

toji and sukuna wedding photo! by tojishole

toji making fun of sukuna by tojishole

yuki's work ID photo by naihilan_

mundane au OG squad by tojishole