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now what if...

this is mostly centered around the heian era sorcerers of jujutsu kaisen, except they are not sorcerers. i've been spending too much brainpower thinking up all sorts of hilarious situations to put these guys in, which sort of spiraled into a fully fledged mundane alternate universe for them. kenjaku, sukuna, toji, and uraume are drawn by the lovely tojishole on twitter. yuki is drawn by the incredible naihilan_ and yorozu was drawn by the wonderful moddleoddIe on twitter.

links on the birthdays lead to their respective birth charts, because i used to have an astrology phase so i came up with their own mundane canon birthdays that make sense for their personalities. other links lead to art on twitter or songs that correspond with whatever i'm talking about on here.


mundane!au kaori/kenjaku looking very smug. she just lied to your face about today's lunch special. (dithered)

kenjaku: reproductive biologist focused on fetal development

lead researcher since 2001

date of birth: 06-02-1979 (age 44)

department: biological research

current concern: the strange noises coming from the freezer... thinks it may be haunted.

ryomen sukuna

mundane!au sukuna sporting some nerdy reading glasses. kept his tattoos and facial scars from canon, has them for Different reasons now. (dithered)

sukuna: archivist primarily focused on heian era literature

head archivist since 1997

date of birth: 01-01-1977 (age 46)

department: Archives

current concern: who left the stove on yesterday.


mundane!au uraume all time user of sideye glares. (dithered)

uraume: unemployed

long term visitor since 2005

date of birth: [redacted] (age 38)

department: none

current concern: the cafeteria kitchen downstairs ran out of soy...

toji fushiguro

mundane!au toji wearing a caller headset, working. he is snacking on the job. the caller is on the phone, 'help me someone is in my house!' to which toji responds 'i'm kind of on my lunch break rn.' (dithered)

toji: emergency dispatcher

phone operator since 2018

date of birth: 12-31-1993 (age 30)

department: Emergency Services

current concern: wants to repair his relationship with the lady who owns the boxing club


yorozu: newly hired intern at the archival wing...

intern since 2023

date of birth: 10-24-1989 (age 34)

department: Archives

current concern: Uraume is a Pest.

yuki tsukumo

mundane!au yuki workin' as our lovely neighborhood boxing coach (dithered)

yuki: boxing coach

personal boxing coach since 2008

date of birth: 02-03-1987 (age 36)

works at: Victory Boxing Gym

current concern: am i Gay????

gojo satoru

no photo yet...

gojo: has a new job every week..

a menace to society since 1989

date of birth: 12-07-1989 (age 34)

department: Various.

current concern: no one appreciates his cool Vespa... it's red! and shiny!

takuma ino

no photo yet...

ino: pizza delivery guy

delivering pizza since 2021

date of birth: idk yet (age 21)

works at: pizza hut

current concern: hasn't started thinking about his senior thesis...

hajime kashimo

no photo yet...

kashimo: senior electrician

zapping things since 2016

date of birth: idk yet (age 36)

works at: Sparky, Inc. (ceo)

current concern: the new hire is not as good as gojo... and never will be.

itadori jin

no photo yet...

jin: park ranger

nature lover since 2013

date of birth: idk yet (age 40)

works at: Lassen Volcanic National Park

current concern: kenjaku's silly 'prank' of the day