Oops!... I Did It Again (2000) — Britney Spears

yeah, sure, maybe a big reason for this new physical media collecting hobby of mine is nostalgia. sue me! this britney CD brings me back... i loved her as a kid, and i still love her now! i still have yet to read her book... i've been meaning to for a while. the booklet for this CD had a bunch of really adorable photos, i scanned a couple of my favorites. i wonder if i should just scan and upload them all.

favorite tracks: What U See (Is What U Get) & Don't Go Knockin' on My Door

Text reads: Dear Diary (Britney Spears / Jason Blune / Eugene Wilde) Dear Diary -- Today I saw a boy and I wondered if he noticed me. He took my breath away. Dear Diary-- I can't get him off my mind and it scares me 'cause I've never felt this way. No one in the world knows me better than you do. So diary, I'll confide in you. Dear Diary-- Today I saw that boy as he walked by. I thought he smiled at me. And I wondered, does he know what's in my heart? I tried to smile, but I could hardly breathe. Should I tell him how I feel or would that scare him away. Diary, tell me what to do. Please tell me what to say. Dear Diary-- One touch of his hand. Now I can't wait to see that boy again. He smiled and I thought my heart could fly. Diary, do you think that we'll be more than friends? I've got a feeling we'll be so much more than friends.