Welcome To The Neighborhood (1995) — Meat Loaf

found this gem at goodwill the week i got back home from my trip to the summer, so i saw this as a Good Omen for sure. i haven't listened to much meat loaf but from what i've listened to so far, i really love. dad rock hits like nothing else, truly.

favorite tracks: If This Is The Last Kiss & Original Sin

i was so charmed by the booklet that came with this CD. each track and lyrics page has their own book cover design illustration that i'm just so obsessed with.

it's hard for me to explain it, but meat loaf's songs have such strong narratives, i just get so immersed in the stories each song has to offer, which is something i really love. i group this album with glass animals' how to be a human being album in the songs i can visually See category. and these book cover illustrations that are included in the booklet totally play into that! i just love this CD so much... excellent packaging. such a fun concept. a work of Art...