take a look around! lots of these are works in progress so they will probably look super wonky or incomplete for the time being...

moe jogo plushie doodle
jujutsu kaisen
gon freecs doodle with the biggest smile ever
hunter x hunter
flo's dog, remus, wearing a rainbow flag
white bird flapping it's wings in the air
a doodle of my baldur's gate original character, lue. she has orange hair done in a low bun with strands coming out the front like bangs. she has green skin and a cream tank top on. she's looking off the the right and she's blushing
baldur's gate
a doodle of an old looking iphone, home button and all, and the screen says 'STORY TIME!' there are wired headphones connected to the phone
a couple pages from some zines i made stacked on top of each other