movies: Frozen II & Love Exposure & whatever's on my letterboxd

food: açaí bowls all summer long...

tv show: hxh.. trigun.. the boys... iwtv..

games: warframe, final fantasy, omori

music: ATARASHII GAKKO! and lexie liu and loona and ateez and and t.A.T.u.

hello i'm sabrin aka rin aka weenie. i'm a twenty something year old uni student who spends way too much time online. i don't talk about my politics on here as much as i should, but i am a leftist and you will probably see that shine thru in some of the things i talk about, especially when it's about art or writing. i believe art and politics are intertwined and i am very interested in radical and transgressive art in general

i use this site as a little home for me to pour all my love for the things i care about in one place. i mostly use this to update my media log, but you'll also find some digital shrines and collections here and there.

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