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[drawn by the lovely mizu aka the mind behind heren]


meet the gang!

meet lue!


Lue is my lovely whimsical woodsy elf with a big heart and a hollow brain. A mischievous little thing, whether it's snagging shiny trinkets she finds or chasing after woodland critters. She's all about living in the moment. She does not have the patience for waiting around or making elaborate plans... She's more of a shoot first, ask questions later kinda gal (and she wonders why people seem to find her so intimidating...). But that's something she's working on. Surely.

When it comes to making animal friends, Lue's heart is in the right place, but her attempts to befriend the creatures of the forest usually end in chaos... or worse. Think gettinginto some serious beef with Timber the squirrel and accidentally killing the blue bird she tried to, uh, diagnose... It's not pretty, but it sure keeps things interesting. Luckily, Lue's got her trusty companions—Charm, Heren, and Gale—to keep her in check and serve as her moral compass when decisions get more difficult. They've been through it all with Lue, from her scatterbrained antics to... more scatterbrained antics.


This is what I'd count as my first real BG3 run, and I'm so glad I'm doing this with friends... It's my first D&D adjascent game I've played, and I really love being able to have fun with creating my own character and storyline and such. I've grown really attatched to Lue. Fun Fact: Her hilariously low intelligence stat was completely an accident. I was rushing through building her character because I wanted to hurry up and get ready to play with my friends and I didn't realize I made her stupid. I'm glad I did though, she's my precious girl. Some brawn, no brain.

meet heren!


meet charm!


highlight reel

session notes

This is the part where I dump all the notes and/or highlights I remembered to write down during our sessions. This was not necessarily made for Consumption, so please don't expect good writing from me, I just want to be able to come back here and giggle at my first D&D adventure with friends...

session one:

session two:

session three:

session four:

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