the bird zone.

i have a lot of photos of birds on my phone. figured i'd upload them here. an ode to birds.

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wild turkey wild turkey

wild turkey

spotted on: october 21 2023 right outside the train station as i was on my way to class at around 8:00 am

i have seen a wild turkey wandering around this exact spot every saturday morning for the past couple weeks. i'm not sure if it's the

same girly lurking about, or if it's a different one each time. i like to think its the same turkey. if i see her, i know i will have a good day. she is a good omen to me.

wild turkey wild turkey

mute swan

spotted on: august 19 2023

this swan was hanging out with his family (not pictured.. sorry) did you know that mute swans hiss? this is what it sounds like.. don't piss them off.