this is a shrine dedicated to flo's dog, remus. isn't she a beauty.

⭑・゚゚・* REMUS STATS*゚:༅。.

birthday: june 25, 2019

she's a cancer sun, aries moon (hell yeah!!), and leo rising (diva alert)!!!

mother: my cool friend flo

let's get to know our gal...

remus on a bench sitting above other pups like the true queen she isaccording to Trusted Source and Bestie Flo, remus exhibits many cat-like behaviors!!! She likes to climb onto high places (to establish dominance and superiority) and plays with her toys by pawing on them AND she also bathes herself she's so hygenic!!! world's first muslim dog!!!! (wow remus you really are como un gato!!!!) although i have never met remus in real life (YET...... as of january 2023 to be exact) (i will meet her one day) (and flo too) i love remus a lot. she is clearly the cutest pup you have ever seen and the fact that she doesn't know how to act like a dog makes her the best dog in the world. an icon, truly. ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ but hold on!!! let's take a deeper look into our favorite pup. what is she up to when flo is not home???? this is a great question. flo told me. stay tuned for this next juicy tidbit ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu

let's hear some remus tales ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ yea get excited.

what does remus get up to when she's home alone? well for one, shes a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!!!!! according to flo, remus reaches peak mischief levels when she's home alone as an act of REVENGE against flo for leaving her in the first place (okay but like isn't that the cuest thing you've ever heard....

here is a list of items (and evidence) of things remus has destroyed when left to her own devices:

and so what i'm hearing is.....


this seems to be the case.



you heard me. christmas eve. remus is acting stranger than usual... up and about acting super hyper at 1:00 AM!!! she usually goes to bed pretty early (around 10pm) so this is very strange behavior indeed. what on earth could have been the cause of this????? let me tell you. Flo & famiiy realized that she had EATEN HER MOM'S PIECE OF CAKE AND WAS CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING A SUGAR RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some may call her silly for this,others may feel concerned. i however, see this as a FEAT. our dearest Remus here is a #FIRSTGEN sugar rush achiever.

remus is and will always be a winner. (@^◡^)

here is a small gallery of remus photos for u to enjoy.

that is all for this remus shrine. i'm glad this exists.